Why VéloSport?

For us, your trip is an opportunity to share the best of our 25 years planning cycling and special event programs. Our top destinations showcase areas with a unique combination of great roads, strong bike culture, wonderful accommodations and good food. Programs have encompassed many great cycling areas in France, Italy, Belgium, the French Caribbean, and the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Once you’ve made the decision to travel with us, our services and travel expertise ensure you a memorable experience all the way.

We work with cyclists and cycling professionals with a long history of involvement in the sport. Some are former pro riders, others have experience in international event management or have provided professional team support. We put all these skills and expertise to work for our guests, ensuring a great and memorable experience.

The media has featured VéloSport as one of the industry’s most innovative cycling tour providers. We’ve been featured by the New York Times, NBC Sports, Bicycling Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and most of the top cycling news websites.
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