In the News

Since 1990, the national and international media has recognized VéloSport Vacations as an industry innovator. Our cycling resorts and tours have been featured in the New York Times, Bicycling magazine, the Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal and on NBC Sports.

Media Highlights
Bicycling-VentouxBicycling’s Mike Magnuson captures his attempted triple ascent of the legendary Mont Ventoux climb in a six-page feature Dear Mont Ventoux (right). His special ‘letter’ begins, “Just a quick note to say thanks for altering my life forever…”

VSV’s Caribbean program was named Bicycling’s favorite winter vacation in this feature on our cycling resort in Guadeloupe. Find out why “Guadeloupe’s sunny skies and cycling friendly culture make it an ideal place to log early season miles…”

In a review of Tour de France trips, the New York Times featured VéloSport Vacations as “…one of the most experienced operators of Tour trips.” If you are not a registered New York Times user, you will have to sign up for this free service to read the article.

Pez Cycling News has joined VéloSport Vacation for the Tour de France, our Provence & Ventoux cycling program and Guadeloupe. For a full listing of features, search Pez Cycling’s Travel section for “VéloSport”.