Classic Climbs: France, Italy, Spain

A solo Tour rider trudges along with his bike on a pre-pavement Classic Climbs road

Pick a favorite country or region, from the French Alps to the Italian Dolomites. We’ll design a dream trip complete with your desired mix of epic challenges and rolling country roads, great routing and professional guide support, and the best accommodations.

Classic Climbs trips can be designed to appeal to different types of cyclists with a range of goals. Or, for a totally fit group, the week can be a continuous set of challenges and full-on suffering! Based on the group needs, we schedule rides from hotel to hotel and incorporate favorite local loop rides. Distances can vary from 30-80+ miles and feature one or more major climbs.

Guide-Support Structure | For your custom trip, you can choose to have no guides at all or full blown pro-style support with follow car. Familiar with the routes and climbs, our professional guides also carry cell phones and two-way radios and are in contact with each other and/or the support car. Full pro-style support can include a racked follow vehicle that carries a full tool kit, provides “feed zones” and serves as a sag vehicle as needed. We also can have professional masseurs on staff for the ultimate in recovery.

Bike Rental |Professional-quality road bikes are available for rent during programs. Guests are welcome to bring personal bikes.

Check out some fun photos from prior Climbs trips. Social climbers welcome!

Please contact us to request additional information on how we can plan your customized climbing challenge.